About Us

Sofamaker offers end to end services ranging from plywood to furniture. We are an integral part of your living. At Sofamaker, we believe in setting high standard of living for our every valuable customer. We believe in rendering excellent quality products because no one understands the value of your hard earned money better than us.

We leave no stone unturned in meeting all your desires and aspirations attached to your lovely home. We have emerged with innovation to set trendy lifestyle of living, thus redefining the term \"furniture\" to a product of status which defines your standard and marks the pride of possession for you. Our constant endeavour has been to reach each and every home of India and abroad to enrich people of every income level with high standard quality product.

Sofamaker has never learned to compromise on quality of the product, it is instilled in our conscience that build an everlasting relation with the customer give him/her a memorable experience. Our products have undergone the most stringent of international standards of quality.

We offer unmatched design and range in every product. Through our past experience and expertise we claim to impress every customer accessing us for their furniture needs. We manufacture furniture not only for residential purpose but also for office and industrial use.

We are specialist in chairs, sofas, beds, wardrobes, all types of tables, doors, etc. We also provide apparels for interior decoration and design. Curtains, cushions, fancy mirrors, frames, etc to name few.

We sincerely understand your idea of home, what it means to you. A home is never a place made up of sheer walls but it is a place where lots of joyful moments you spend with your near and dear ones. Sofamaker is a place with lots of feeling attached. Sofamaker is a place where you are living with a dream, plot all your future plans.

With our special team of trained and experienced designer, we have pioneered the art of decoration then, be it home decoration, office or a building. We do it all.

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